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FREC Star Gala Awards Nominations are being accepted through July 24, 2009
March 03, 2009



Nominations for the FREC Star Gala Awards are being accepted through July 24, 2009

Leaders that have contributed their time and talents to enhancing the entertainment industry and quality of life in South Florida have the opportunity to receive special recognition for their efforts from the Film, Recording and Entertainment Council (FREC). FREC is accepting nominations for its annual FREC awards at the Star Gala. Any industry person who lives, works or volunteers in South Florida is eligible to be nominated for various categories.


The guidelines for nominations are available at the website www.stargala.org. Nominations are being accepted through our on-line application which can be found at www.stargala.org.

Past honorees have included:



Mik Cribben


Pery Ribeiro


Michael Preger


David Bercuson


Lori Cocheo


4th Reaction


Next/Ron Gerard


Sandy Lighterman




Vice Mayor Luis Garcia

Mel Haber


ATG Agency


Anthony  Carone


Marc Durso


Canvas Films


Royi Akavia


Lori Wyman


Ellen Falguiere


Jim Bigham


Monique Robertson


UM's Frost School of Music


Footy (Y100 FM)


Allen Johnston


H.W. Casey


Rick Finch


Deco Drive (WSVN 7)


Beto Perez


Barbara Craddock


Pedro Aguilar


Errol Falcon


Italian Film Festival, Inc


AWE Productions Inc


SAE Institute of Technology


Louis Novick


The Park Central Hotel


Camilo J. Vargas Garcia


K. Foxx


Womb Music


Elsten Torres


Jay Amor/Action Coordinator Inc


Ron Hendrix


Pro One Productions, Inc


William Grefe




Ava Tracht-Landman


Ivelyn Giro


Sherry Faith


T.R. Durphy


Dr. Andrea Mantell-Seidel


Evelina Diaz


Mario Ernesto Sanchez


Wil Shriner


Richard C. Wolfe


Monica Glaysher


Delray Beach Film Festival




Miami International University/Art & Design


PoBros. Inc c/o Miguel Portilla


Carol Raskin


Alaskan Star Interactive


Rey Gutierrez


Dominque Vouk


Joyce Kaufman


Miguel D. Bravo

Jonathan D. Krane


Morphoto Inc.

 Award categories include: Please visit www.Stargala.org under Nominations for this information.

On November 14th, FREC will honor the winners – and recognize all award honorees – at a gala reception. For more information please visit www.FRECouncil.org or www.Stargala.org or contact FREC at 786-234-7697 or Info@FRECouncil.org.