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Three Made-in-Miami Films Premiere at 2011 Miami International Film Festival
March 09, 2011

Organizers of the 2011 Miami International Film Festival (MIFF), which is produced and presented by Miami Dade College (MDC), announced the lineup of the Festival's Florida Focus section, an annual celebration of made-in-Florida films produced by up-and-coming local filmmakers. The Festival is pleased to announce all three selections were filmed here in Miami: the already-sold-out, Andy Garcia-executive produced indie drama Magic City Memoirs, the Bert Rodriguez documentary making sh*t up and the 1962 cinéma vérité-style high school football documentary Mooney vs. Fowle. The 28th annual edition runs March 4-13, 2011. For more information, visit www.miamifilmfestival.com.

"These made-in-Miami films really represent the heart of this year's Festival," said MIFF Executive Director Jaie Laplante. "All three of these compelling films utilize their Miami setting in a way that is absolutely essential to their stories, and MIFF ticket buyers are clearly reacting to the authenticity that these three films exude."

The three completed films screening at this year's Festival are:

Magic City Memoirs
SOLD-OUT World Premiere: Friday, March 11, 6:45 p.m. (Gusman Center)
Directed by Aaron J. Salgado
USA | 2011
97 minutes | Color

Three Miami high school friends – Mikey, Eric and Angel – revel in their world of private school privilege and lax parental oversight while living large on the hip-hop lifestyle of parties, fast cars, fast boats and easy sex. Miami director Aaron Salgado and producer J.D. Freixas capture the texture and energy of this pulse-pounding tropical paradise as only true insiders could. Executive produced by Andy Garcia.

making sh*t up
World Premiere: Wednesday, March 9, 7:00 p.m. (Tower Theater)
Directed by Bill Bilowit
USA | 2011
75 minutes | Color

Miami's own conceptual artist Bert Rodriguez gets the movie star treatment in making sh*t up, a documentary about his own eccentric life as a masterpiece-in-progress. Miami director Bill Bilowit makes the most of his candid access, capturing Rodriguez's exhibitions for Art Basel Miami Beach and the Whitney Biennial as he battles his personal demons in the process. The film effectively follows the artist, from the "clearance sale" of his entire art collection to his near-death head injury experience on Biscayne Boulevard and the consequences that followed.

Mooney vs. Fowle
50th Anniversary "From the Vault" Presentation: Wednesday, March 9, 7:00 p.m. (Cosford UM)
Directed by James Lipscomb
USA | 1962
58 minutes | B/W

Before Friday Night Lights there was Mooney vs. Fowle, the pioneering, behind-the-scenes look at the now-historic 1961 Florida state high school championship game between perennial rivals Miami High School and Edison High School. This marvel of cinéma vérité documentary filmmaking is a candid and uncensored portrait of rival coaches Ottis Mooney of Miami High (the underdogs) and Haywood Fowle of Edison (the favorites to win), who led their teams before a record crowd of 37,000 at the Orange Bowl. This unscripted look at the passions behind high school football stirred controversy at the time with the county School Board and was never broadcast on local television or released in local theaters. On its 50th anniversary, it endures as a remarkable document of film history and Miami lore.