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FREC: Star Gala 2007 Sponsors

Past Honorees & Performers

South Florida has a great deal to be proud of.  The region has become one of the world’s primary spots for filming and production.  Behind this growth are individuals, companies, and institutions that are leading the way. 

It is time to celebrate our success together as an Industry community.  On the evening of the Star Gala, the Film, Recording and Entertainment Council, the region’s most comprehensive organization supporting the industry, will hold its premier event to recognize these South Florida Stars.

The honorees are selected by the Awards Selection Committee from all the submissions sent to FREC for consideration.

Our 2007 honorees are some of the wonderfully talented industry people who reside in South Florida and have helped shape what we and many others throughout the world enjoy – Entertainment!

The honorees are being recognized as a select group of people who have achieved notable success and demonstrated strong leadership and achievement in the industry.

Past Award Honorees

Award                                                             Receiptant

Cinematographer                                                 Mik Cribben
Cultural Arts & Entertainment                               Pery Ribeiro
Entertainment Industry Executive                          Michael Preger
Entertainment Law                                               David Bercuson
Hairstyling & Make-up Artist                                 Lori Cocheo
Interactive Media                                                  4th Reaction
Model Agency                                                     Next/Ron Gerard
Music Video (Producer/Director)                           Sandy Lighterman
Production Hotel                                                 EDEN ROC, RESORT
Special Acknowledgement                                    Vice Mayor Luis Garcia
Talent Agency                                                    ATG Agency
Acting                                                                Anthony  Carone
Acting Coach                                                      Marc Durso
Advertising & Marketing Campaign                        Canvas Films
Animation                                                           Royi Akavia
Casting Director                                                  Lori Wyman
Costume/Fashion Design                                     Ellen Falguiere
Film Producer                                                    Jim Bigham
Still Shoot Production Company                          Monique Robertson
Music School & Program                                    UM's Frost School of Music
Radio Personality                                               Footy (Y100 FM)
Recording Industry Executive                               Allen Johnston
Songwriter                                                          H.W. Casey
Songwriter                                                          Rick Finch
Entertainment News Magazine Print/TV               Deco Drive (WSVN 7)
Choreographer                                                   Beto Perez   
Cultural Arts & Entertainment                              Barbara Craddock
Cultural Arts & Entertainment                              Pedro Aguilar
Director                                                             Errol Falcon
Film Festival                                                      Italian Film Festival, Inc
Game Programming                                           AWE Productions Inc
Music School & Program                                    SAE Institute of Technology
Photographer                                                     Louis Novick
Production Hotel                                                The Park Central Hotel
Radio Morning Show                                          Camilo J. Vargas Garcia 
Radio Personality                                              K. Foxx
Radio Station                                                    Womb Music
Songwriter(s)                                                    Elsten Torres
Special Acknowledgement                                Jay Amor/Action Coordinator Inc
Special Acknowledgement                                Ron Hendrix
Still Shoot Production Company                        Pro One Productions, Inc
The Lifetime Achievement                                  William Grefe
Music Engineering                                            FULLERSOUND Inc
Vocal Coach                                                    Ava Tracht-Landman