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FREC: Star Gala 2007 Sponsors

The FREC Award

Laurence what inspired you to design the FREC award?


I wanted the design of The FREC Award to be an eye blink to Miami and its art deco, a "Bas-relief" from one side and give the other side a contemporary geometric simplicity. 

This Award is a multi-face sculpture, representing the large activities of the FREC organization.

I am very glad as an artist to have been chosen and to have the opportunity to do my best and create something unique for the FREC.



Laurence Nathalie PANADERO

Born in France 1972 crediting her parents for being photographers, Laurence was introduced at an early age to the World of Art.

Her spectrum of knowledge spans from the Beaux Arts to the Baroque Art in Rome; from drawing advertising as a Roughman to the Superior National Art School of Applicative Art in Sculpture/ Paris; Laurence has a rich and complete formation that allows her to express herself in different types of mediums.

Her life has led her to meet notable personalities such as author Israel Horovitz, where she was the Art Director and Scenographer for the French adaptation of "The Indian Wants the Bronx" a play that brought major success to Horovitz and actor Al Pacino in the off broadway 30 years ago. Laurence says, “She loves theater and believes an artist can communicate through any kind of media.”

Meanwhile Laurence continued her true passion sculpting endlessly at which point secured her a job proposition with Bombyx / Attakus a famed worldwide sculpting studio in Paris . What was supposed be a summer job ended up being a 4 year tenure learning and working with small prototypes to monumental contemporary art for city orders and museums.

Laurence learned to be a great technician and had the chance to work for major companies such as Marvel Comics, Warner Brothers, Star Wars, Dior, Disney, Lansay and many famous artists. She developed her art skills as technician to be able to pursue her dreams as an artist.

It wasn’t long after the artist that had become took her independence realizing sculptures, designing and decors for advertising, videos, shows, France Airports and Pierre Guffroy.

Today Laurence Panadero realizes sculptures and installations, offering a combination between technology and tradition. She gives us reflections on themes that touch our society: Clones, Manga, Plastic Surgery..... From miniature to monumental art, from performance to research, she works and exhibits her pieces of art for an international clientele

• Foundation Cartier / Ninos deseados / Couvent des Cordeliers
• Inauguration of the Euro / Ministry of Finances /Château de Vincennes (Castle)
• Gardens of Sculptures Bercy Park / Paris
• Festival of the Basins la Villette / Paris • Festival of the Contemporary Art of Bastille / Paris
• Festival of Cannes 2003/04 / France
• Gallery Atelier Z / Avenue De La Grande Armée / Paris
• International exhibition new tendencies / Marly le Roi/ Ministry of Culture / France
• Private fountain / Casablanca / Marocco
• Sand Performances Miami Beach
• BIENNALE of sculpture / Château de Bois GUILBERT /Ministry of Culture/ France
• Mansion of Baron HAUSSMAN / Paris
• On the way towards the Foundation exhibition / Montreuil / France
• Private Collections
• Festival Printemps Des Rues / Paris

2006/2007 Projects

Sculpture KEYWEST 2006 January 15 thru March 17

ART BASEL 2006 solo Exhibition / ADAM Design WYNWOOD Miami

ART MIAMI 2007 Happening & exhibition Miami design dictrict

BIENNALE 2007Monumental Sculpture "Chateau de Bois Guilbert" France



- FILM FESTIVAL " Les pépites du cinema" Paris FRANCE
NEXT Contemporary Art Museum TOUR / Spain