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FREC: Star Gala 2007 Sponsors

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

When is the Star Gala Event?
The gala event will take place on the November 10, 2007.

Where is the Gala?
The gala location is disclosed to confirmed/attending invited guests.

Who will be there?
Invitees are limited to Honorees (attend at no cost) and their guests (with special fee), FREC Members and special invited attendees. Honor your team, entertain your clients, network with industry leaders, and above all, have a night to remember forever.

I don't want to register online. How else can I register?
You can email your reservation to info@FRECouncil.org with a credit card number, or fax your reservation to 305-940-7847.

How do I purchase or Reserve a Table?
Reserving a table can be done online with a credit card - simply select a Reserved a Table for the gala at the Event Registration page. Unless otherwise specified, these tables seat 8 people. You will be able to enter the names of your table guests during the registration process, and you can edit these entries up until 11:00am on the day before the event.

I bought my tickets but haven’t received them yet, should I be worried?
Don’t be worried. We only mail tickets twice a month until the last three weeks when we will be mailing more often. We will be added your name to the event attendees list as a back up.

What do I wear to the gala?
We recomand red carpet chic but anything goes for dress at the Star Gala. Men can wear tuxedos, dress suites and ties, or designer attire. Women can wear anything from a pantsuit, to a business dress, to a beautiful gown. Wear what you like and come ready to have fun.

When do nominations open for the Awards?
Nominations for the 2007 Awards opened on November 22, 2007 and the closing date for nominations is June 02, 2007.

Who can nominate for the Awards?
Anyone involved in the industry can nominate for the Awards.

I am an honoree; can I bring extra guests to the event?
YES! Extra Honoree Special tickets can be purchased. The registration form contains details and costs.

What will happen at the Gala?
Those chosen are honoree at a gala awards ceremony. As part of the evening, performances and induction ceremony, a brief tribute presentation is shown, highlighting each honoree’s accomplishments and contributions to the industry. The new honorees will join past industry leaders that have specifically contributed to the overall development of the industry in South Florida.

Can I bring my camera?
We encourage everyone to preserve their personal memories of the event and small personal cameras will be allowed. However, large camera bags, tape recorders and professional photographic equipment, as well as any form of video or audio recording equipment will not be allowed into the venue unless pre approved by our Media and Publicity Chairs.

Who may receive the Lifetime Achievement Award?
To be eligible a candidate must either be at forty-five years of age on the year of the award's presentation. All recipients must be alive at the time the public is informed of the committee's choice.

How are recipients chosen?
The Lifetime Achievement Award is the most prestigious of all awards presented by FREC. It does not merely honor the superior achievement embodied in a single work. Instead, it is an acknowledgement of superior achievement in an entire career. So, to prevent unseemly competition and to prevent the impression that there are any losers in this category, the Lifetime Achievement Award is the only award that is not decided by a vote of the entire gala committee but by a committee consisting of a sub-committee of all gala committee members.

Who can be nominated?
A nominee must work and/or live in the South Florida area, have at least 10 years work experience, contribute to the community through local organizations/charities and have significant career achievements.

Do I have to pay for nominations?
No! Nominations to the FREC Awards are free of charge.

Are nomination forms kept confidential?

Who are the judges?
The selection committee is comprised of previous honorees, FREC Executive Committee Members and other organizational members.

I would like to be involved in judging in the future. How can I do that?
You would need to contact FREC, at info@FRECouncil.org, with your contact and biographical information or you can register/join online at FRECouncil.org

How many award recipients will be selected?
Although we do not have a cap on the number of recipients to be awarded, in years past we have had anywhere between 30-70.

I won a FREC Award in 2005. Could I receive a trophy to reflect this?
Yes, go to FRECouncil.org and fill out an order form, or contact Cesar Garcia at cgarcia@FRECouncil.org

What credit cards are accepted?
Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

Is my contribution tax deductible?
Contributions or gifts to Film, Recording and Entertainment Council, Inc. (FREC), are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. Donations may be deducted as a business expense if they are "ordinary and necessary" in the conduct of the taxpayer's business.

If I sign up to be a volunteer, do I have to stay the whole time?
Yes, if you decide you’d like to be a volunteer we’ll need you to commit to being at the event from 10am until 7pm on November 4th.

You will need to indicate the type of organization you are representing and provide a direct link to your latest written article or report, with your name included, posted at an editorial or Web site and fill out a commitment application confirming coverage of the event. Press Relations will not search a Websites for your article and publication home pages will not be accepted. A direct link is required and delivered proof of commitment is required in order to attend any future events. 

Whom do I contact if I still have questions?
FREC at info@FRECouncil.org