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FREC: Star Gala 2007 Sponsors

The Event Artist

Jacklyn Laflamme

Jacklyn Laflamme is an ardent connoisseur of modern art and ancient history. Born in Montreal, Canada, Laflamme completed degrees in both creative arts & Interior Design by 1990 and graduated with honors.

She embarked on a successful design career designing corporate jets in Montreal. She managed challenging design projects from initial client consultation, to creative design process and finally, successful completion. this provided Laflamme with the opportunity to travel the world and meet with clients at the CEO level.

In 1996, Laflamme continued her design career in tucson, Arizona for two years before settling in Savannah Georgia. Living on Tybee Island, she worked for Gulfstream as a designer while developing and mastering her engineering skills far beyond her formal education as an interior designer.

After a decade long career path in corporate America, Laflamme has decided to live her dream of being a full time artist. “It is finally time that I live and express my thoughts and feelings. With paint on my brush and color on my mind, I set out to create”. The response has exceeded her wildest imagination. The Laflamme name, which is painted strategically throughout her work, is well recognized.

Laflamme’s style combines whimsy with an eclectic edge and her obsession with detail is evident in each meticulous brush stroke. Her exposure to many cultures as well as her personal experiences contribute to her distinct style. She uses acrylic paint on canvas and has a way of working with hues that make her subjects literally jump off the canvas in splashes of brilliant color. Her imagination -mixed with an understanding of line; balance, harmony and history - make her work unique.

Laflamme’s passion for life fuels her creative energies and she is open to all challenges presented to her. She believes in hard work and perseverance. Currently in Florida, she designs, paints and exhibits her work.

The Work

“My Imagination rules, the color flows and success is in the Details”

I paint on canvas with acrylic paint, I use the brightest colors that I can find and create all different sizes from little detailed pieces to very large, very detailed masterpieces.

I like to let my imagination dictate, the colors ooze onto the canvas as if they have a mind of their own, but my senses are in control. Almost like a dance I manipulate the paint to form layers of color and texture, which translates to line and shape. All this mixes together in order to communicate a story.

I am obsessed with the interaction of color and how it plays against itself, By exploring how color reacts when juxtaposed with others is a passion of mine, I like to play with the different hues and work them to the fullest. My goal is to literally get my subjects to glow. My dream is to create a new color that is yet to exist.

As obsessed as I am with color, I am totally possessed with dreaming up detail. The idea is to create intrigue throughout. My paintings may be interpreted on many different levels, from a technical stand point to purely emotional. Some messages are more recognizable, others are deeply hidden intended for the viewer’s imagination to unlock.

My subject matter varies depending on the things that are going on around me. I have worked on many different series from Flowing Teacups to Fancy Fish, Flags, Tikis, Big Mouths and Martinis. Some of my favorites are of my character Mme Larue, some people think of her as me. If that were true then my art work would be a diary of my life.

I am very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to paint almost everyday. For the past six years I have made it my full time job. This has given me the freedom to explore many different techniques and develop the ones that seem most intriguing. I like to think that I am creating a style that is very much my own, BUT, is still to young to really title. I think it takes a lifetime to be truly great Artist. The important thing is to create, always create!

I have been painting since I was old enough to hold a brush. My work has slowly developed to where it is today and I hope that tomorrow it will evolve even more.

“From My Imagination, to Yours”