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Industry Overview
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Administrative Committee
Responsible for the day-to-day operations of FREC, ensuring that materials and equipments needed by organization are obtain. Ensures that all committees and its members are performing their duties and for the development of the organization's infrastructure and that all committees send meeting minutes to all committee members within two weeks of the meeting. The administrative committee shall also recommend operating policy and develops reports the organizations progress.
Ambassador Program Group
The Ambassadors are a group of industry member volunteers from various backgrounds who serve as a liaison between the FREC and its new members. The goal of the Ambassadors Program Group is to encourage leadership participation in FREC's programs and services for new members, in an effort to build member commitment and increase member retention.
Awards Receptions Committee
To create and obtaining underwriting/sponsorship of awards receptions to honor outstanding businesses and people from the industry e.g. Star Gala and The Year Award. The purpose of this event is to recognize and honor the contributions of artist in the community as well as celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of industry businesses.
Emerging Technology/Internet and Website Committee
Maintaining and updating the FRECouncil.org and addressing issues of technology by creating informational sessions with high-profile technology speakers. These sessions are formatted to attract the general membership.
Film and Music Festival Committee
Will partner with local festivals and implement a comprehensive advertising, marketing and promotional plan to support our area events and promote South Florida. Festivals provide extensive promotional opportunities at the local, national and international levels.
Finance and Budget Group
Providing financial leadership and funds management for the organization. Producing an annual budget for board's approval, based on input from each committee chair and the Treasurer.
FREC Public Relations and Marketing Committee
Manages media and press for FREC and is responsible for obtain local, national and global marketing of FREC's mission. This committee organizes and implements FREC Membership Drive marketing campaign, develops the council's monthly newsletter, yearly membership guide, assist with industry reports and other printed materials.
Global Exposure/International Affairs/Marketing Committee
Attracting and marketing the industry to Miami and South Florida, promoting international filming and the FREConvention and FREC which will highlight South Florida and its industry businesses.
Government Relations/Legislative Action Committee
The purpose of FREC's Legislative Action Committee is to protect and represent the interests of Film, Recording and Entertainment industries by educating elected local and State lawmakers and monitoring, introducing and influencing legislation affecting industry businesses throughout Florida. The committee supports industry advocacy efforts through local grass-roots operations. This committee organizes local networks to engage politically active FREC members to contact legislators on key issues. FREC's Legislative Action Committee also coordinates assessment of local and legislative candidates and the development of recommendations to the Board on which candidates to endorse. The committee also maintains relationship with government offices on a State and local level.
Industry Business and Economic Development Committee
Organizing and obtaining underwriting/sponsorship of the Industry After Hours event and to grow the local economy by organizing events that attract the entertainment industry to Miami and South Florida, promoting international filming, small business development, FREConvention promotions, community revitalization for filming area.
Industry Education/Youth Leadership Program Committee
To create a partnership that is beneficial to educational institutions, its students and the membership of FREC. The sub-committee will organize workshops and the Council's half-day and full-day seminars that highlight industry issues. Everything from getting started in the industry, marketing yourself, customer retention and improving talent skills are covered. This committee is also responsible for creating internship programs and employment partnership, maintaining and cultivating relationships with local industry program graduates and fostering programming for students our immerging industry leaders.
Investors Club Program and Breakfast Organization Committee
Organizing and obtaining underwriting/sponsorship of the Investors Club program and its bi-monthly networking breakfast meeting with high-profile speakers from top industry companies. This program is formatted to attract top industry leadership and management.
Leads/Membership Luncheon Committee
Will organizing and obtaining underwriting/sponsorship of the monthly networking Leads/Membership Luncheon and speakers from industry companies. This program is formatted to attract the general membership and a consistent attendance.
Legal Advisory Committee
The Legal Advisory Committee answers legal questions for Council members and provides pro-bono services to FREC. This committee is chaired by the Council's Legal Counsel. Attorney/Legal Referrals are dissimilated form this committee. This committee works with Government Relations/Legislative Action Committee in addressing advocacy issues and is responsible for organizing and obtaining underwriting/sponsorship of the seminars with industry legal speakers. These seminars are formatted to attract the legal membership.
Membership Drive Committee
This committee is responsible for designing, organizing, and executing our annual membership campaign. They work with other members to insure that every industry business that has not responded to the membership drive is visited and are personally invited to join. An additional responsibility is to work with the "Leads/Membership Luncheon Committee". The committee member answers questions about FREC, and offers the newcomers an opportunity to join. Directories are then delivered after a new prospect joins.
Program and Objective Planning Group
Works with Council Chair and President to set year objectives and create programming and to meet industry demands and mission goals.