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Members Voluntarily Pledge and Agree to:

  1. A member will make every effort to furnish quality merchandise and/or service at fair and reasonable prices.

  2. A member will strive for the highest standards in his/her work, offering the highest quality of services to clients/students.

  3. A member will maintain standards of conduct, which shall make us known for strict adherence to honorable business practices?

  4. A member will maintain a spirit of harmony with our clients or customers, wherein merit alone wins their confidence.

  5. A member will use truthful and honest representation in all advertisings.

  6. Committee Members will use his or her leadership position within FREC to educate, inform and to promote the industry in South Florida, not just to openly promote his or her expertise for personal or professional gain.

  7. A Committee Members shall strive to maintain and enhance the dignity, status, competence, and professional standards of FREC.

  8. A member will be truthful in his or her statements to the client

  9. A member will represent all clients in good faith and recognize the uniqueness of the client’s needs.

  10. Members will maintain the confidentiality of all dealings on behalf of the clients/customers.

  11. If a member recommends a service in which they have a financial interest, it must be disclosed to the client/costumer at the time of recommendation.

  12. A member will maintain a telephone during all reasonable business hours.

  13. A member will maintain proper financial books and records.

  14. A member will not commingle monies belonging to clients/customer with monies belonging to the member, but will keep such monies in a separate account, which may be known as the client’s account or trust account.

  15. A member will make no claims or guarantees that cannot be immediately substantiated to clients/customers or guarantee results that are beyond the power of the member to deliver.

  16. A member will operate within the spirit of the laws of State of Florida.

  17. A member will respect and abide by the laws of other Countries with and within which they may have cause to conduct business.

  18. A member will respect the doctrine of equal human rights and avoid discriminatory practices.

  19. A member will respect the rights of employees and ensure that they receive all due entitlements under law and contract of employment.

  20. A member will deal fairly with employees in all matters and ensure that they are not subjected to conditions or circumstances that are unsafe or may adversely affect their health.

  21. A member will take prompt action to address employee questions, concerns, or complaints regarding unsafe work conditions, discrimination, or any other matter involving the terms and conditions of their employment.

  22. A member will conduct business in the spirit of free enterprise, mutual trust and support  such that everybody may gain from FREC’s vibrant  business activity and the ensuring economic growth and stability for the industry in South Florida.

  23. A member will explain to employees prior to assignment their wage rate, applicable benefits, and hours of work--and to promptly pay any wages and benefits due in accordance with the terms of the individual's employment and applicable legal requirements

  24. A member will protect the intellectual property of others by relying on their own innovation and efforts, thus ensuring that all benefits vest with its originator.

  25. FREC members will attempt to establish harmonious relations with other members, industry professionals and organizations and will not damage the professional reputation or practice of others.

  26. Members shall provide professional assistance to one another when such assistance is requested.

  27. A member understands and supports the principles of free speech, freedom of assembly, and access to an open marketplace of ideas; and, acts accordingly.

  28. A member will avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest whenever possible, and to disclose them to affected parties when they do exist

  29. A member will assist other members in their professional development and to support them in following this code of ethics.

  30. A member will use all reasonable efforts to assist the Artist/Talent in procuring employment in the legitimate entertainment industry.